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John Santus

John was born and raised in Toledo, OH.  He has been playing guitar in bands since the 80's and has opened for national acts including CCR & Lonnie Mack.  He moved to Dubuqe, IA for three years where he played in Missbehavin', a variety band that toured about an 8 hour radius of Dubuque, doing casinos, festivals and corporate shows.  In 2014, He came to the Denver area and ended up in Castle Rock, CO where he met the members that would eventually become County Line.  John's influences are too numerous to list but Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Richrath, and Joe Walsh all definitely make the cut.  John's playing style is somewhat aggressive, but blues based and conscious of the feel of the song.  He loves to play live and can't get enough of that feeling he gets right before taking the stage! 

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